Does Nicole Richie have silicone?  In a word, probably. But it’s not what you think.
The buzz about breast implants – after her recent bust-out at the American Music Awards in a  strapless vintage Dior dress – may have been a misfire. After talking to her new stylist – Christina Ehrlich and her partner Estee Stanley – about their new Premiere Line of red carpet ready-shapers for Frederick’s of Hollywood last night, my bet is Richie was wearing a silicone Flex Body Bra. And maybe even a silicone Booty Booster. So I had to ask: Were the shapers responsible for Richie’s vavoom voluptusosity at the AMAs?

]]>“I can’t talk about about Nicole or any of my clients,” Ehrlich said discreetly. Jeepers, ethics. But she is Richie’s new stylist and did dress her that night so I’m putting my money on a little help from the Premiere Line.

Seems Ehrlich and Stanley – who also design the hip clothing line Miss Davenport – got tired of frantically cutting up panty hose, cotton balls, using gaffer’s tape to make sure their gals look good in their gowns. So they came up with a complete kit of washable silicone breast boosters, pasties, tummy and  thigh-smoothing panties and yes, even butt pads for girls who want a curvier look. 

To celebrate, the duo hosted a private dinner last night at Lucques on Melrose, inviting some of their celeb clients that include Richie, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. And all the dinner guests left with their very own Premiere Line kit. So if you see any of these gals looking firmer/fuller than ever, you know why.

Photo Credits: Is Nicole a walking billboard for Ehrlich and Stanley’s new Premiere Line of body shapers? Don’t ask. They won’t tell.
Steve Granitza/WireImage

Photo Credits: Eve Mendez, Christina Estee, Jessica Biel and Christina Ehrlich celebrate the Frederick’s of Hollywood Premiere Line at Lucques last night. Hooray, no more plastic surgeons, like ever!
Donatello Sardella/WireImage

Front Page Photo Credits: Paris and Nicole picked up Frederick’s of Hollywood’s new Premiere  Line stylist kit last night. Bet you just can’t wait to see them wearing it. 
Donatello Sardella/WireImage

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