tupac hologram snoop coachella Hologram Tupac Shakur gets Twitter account

First it was a performance at Coachella. Then it was the possibility of a stadium tour. And now, just three days after the emergence of Hologram Tupac Shakur, he has a Twitter account.

The feed for the newest old-school rapper emerged just minutes after Hologram Shakur took the stage on Sunday (April 15). In that short amount of time, the account has already gained nearly 32,000 followers.

While the language is usually pretty coarse (as one might expect from Shakur), there have been some funny posts including “So many digital haters. Only Tron can judge me” and “Yo, I just wrote the first track since becoming a hologram. It’s called – ‘1001011010100011101010010101’z’.”

Hologram Tupac’s (@HologramTupac) Twitter follows in a long line of odd social media feeds inspired by pop culture events including Bronx Zoo Cobra, Angelina Jolie’s leg and Jennifer Lopez’s nipple.

Posted by:David Eckstein