Williamshatner_sag06_240Television history is filled with bad ideas, shows that, when you see them, make you go, "Really? Come on, really?"

To that long and ignominious line, we can now add Show Me the Money. ABC announced this game show last month, telling us then that it would be hosted by William Shatner and would include some "never-before-seen" way to dramatically increase or decrease a contestant’s winnings.

Thursday, the network revealed the double-secret mechanism. I should point out that what you’re about to read is directly from the ABC press release, ’cause I couldn’t make this up if I tried:

In Show Me the Money contestants must answer a minimum of six trivia questions. After each answer, the contestant chooses from among thirteen stunning dancers on stage, each of whom holds a scroll with a dollar figure to be added or subtracted — for correct or incorrect answers — to the contestant’s total. …

Adding to the variety aspect of the show are the thirteen stunning Million-Dollar Dancers who are always ready to break into any style of dance, while audacious master of ceremonies William Shatner spontaneously boogies with the beauties on stage.

Wow. Just … yeah. Hoo boy.

Show Me the Money premieres Nov. 22. After reading that, is anyone — seriously, anyone — planning to watch?

Posted by:Rick Porter