Evangelinelilly_lost_240You can’t go home again. Everyone get that?

To me, that was the big takeaway from this week’s Lost, which is to say it wasn’t a very big takeaway. It’s a point that’s been driven home repeatedly on the show, and in particular in recent episodes, so seeing it again in Kate’s flashback and the parallel present-day action didn’t tell us much we don’t already know.

That’s not to say, though, that the episode wasn’t worthwhile in spots. There was a certain amount of wheel-spinning, but both the flashback and the present-day story contained bits of information that we hadn’t seen previously, and the things it appeared to set up seemed promising too.

We knew Kate and her mom were on the outs over what she did to her stepdad, so that portion of the flashback didn’t reveal anything to us. More interesting, obviously, was the connection it revealed between her and Sawyer via his con victim/mother of his child, Cassidy (the always solid Kim Dickens).

I’ll be curious to see if the two of them ever figure out they share an acquaintance, and if so, what it might mean. Will that piss Kate off even more, given her history with Sawyer and the fact that Cassidy is one of the few decent things we’ve seen happen to her in pre-crash life?

In the present, the Defiant Ones-inspired A-plot had the Others leaving Juliet behind, cuffed to Kate in the middle of the jungle, after they bugged out for parts unknown — with Locke in tow. Locke is apparently going with them of his own accord, which I can only assume has to do with the sudden appearance of his dad and his ongoing desire to unlock the secrets of the island (which dovetails nicely with Ben’s own curiosity).

No surprise they’d leave the other three crash survivors behind, but why Juliet? I’m stuck on something she said shortly after Kate discovered their predicament: "Ben likes to play mind games." Consider the seed of doubt as to Juliet’s presence firmly planted in my mind. It may turn out to be that Ben just left her there because she wasn’t useful to him anymore, but unless that bears out, I’m with Sayid in my distrust of her.

Plus, hey, another monster sighting. Smoky appeared to have a new trick this time, with the brilliant flashes of light while Kate and Juliet were hiding in the trees. And it apparently can’t break through the security perimeter the Others have around their village, which probably helped them sleep a little better.

My favorite part of the episode, though, had the least to do with any ongoing mysteries. Hurley’s "worst con in the history of cons" on Sawyer to get him to be nicer to people was just fun to watch, mostly because Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway play off each other so well. If those crazy kids ever make it off the island, they should totally get a sitcom.

More seriously, though, Hurley’s point about the other castaways looking to Sawyer as a leader is well taken. Seeing as how Jack returns to the beach next week, he may not need to show those qualities in the immediate future, but I suspect they’ll be needed before the series is out. (Nice touch, also, in subtly showing that all is not forgiven between him and Sun.)

We have seven episodes of Lost left this season, and it still feels like there’s quite a bit of ground to cover. So I’m hoping this will be the last leisurely week we see — at least until next year.

Your thoughts? Did we need another Kate flashback? And is Juliet working all on her own?

Posted by:Zap2it