Today’s cuppa: Had English breakfast tea in the afternoon. Call me cuppa crazy.

It’s evening after a day that featured the longest Press Tour session ever in the history of ever, a 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. cable-o-rama from Turner Networks that managed to combine, among other things, election coverage, Yoda opening a can of whoop-sabre on unfortunate robots, a sitcom about a mom with a garage band and a guy who sounds either like President Bush or Charles Barkley — but not at the same time.

Had a fascinating chat with CNN’s John King, who shared some deets about his "Magic Touch Wall" that explains the electoral college map, the HD campaign-coverage bus and his  upcoming one-hour special on Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (his colleague Suzanne Malveaux is doing one on Democratic hopeful Sen. Barack Obama).

I’d promise audio clips, but you’d laugh. Oh, ye of little faith.

Outside the press conference, I discussed "Star Wars: Clone Wars" with Dean Devlin (who has a tasty upcoming TNT series called "Leverage") and made a pitch, as I’ve done before, for an "Independence Day" sequel. He said not yet. One of the things I love about that movie is that the African-American guy (Will Smith) and the Jewish guy (Jeff Goldblum) save the world and nobody in the movie saw fit to mention it (but Devlin said Hezbollah noticed and wasn’t that happy about it.).

"ID4" also featured family values, faith and patriotism — and lots of stuff blew up. Don’t think it gets much better than that. Devlin agreed, but still said not yet. Darn that Devlin! (Not really, as I hope to do a set visit to his converted warehouse in Glendale.)

Former "Angel" star Christian Kane was also on hand for "Leverage," and revealed that he’s signed with a record company and is coming out with a country album — and that he’s designing his own lingerie line called Maverix. Yeah, I’m still cogitating on that one. For all the info, click here.

Skipped the star-studded Turner party to take care of business on the home front. PBS launches its two-day presentation tomorrow with a new version of "The Electric Company." possibly the coolest kids show of the 1970s (except for "Zoom," of course. Can you speak Ubbi-Dubbi? Ub-I c-ub-an! Sing with me now, "O-2-1-3-4").

Sadly, Morgan Freeman will not be reprising his seminal role as Easy Reader.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare