jamey sheridan damian lewis homeland 202 'Homeland'   'Broken Hearts' recap: Brody's shocking revengeAbu Nazir (Navid Negahban) gave his former acolyte Brody (Damian Lewis) a great gift on Sunday’s episode of “Homeland”: justice.

Ever since Vice President Walden (Jamey Sheridan) ordered the drone strike that killed 82 children, including Nazir’s son Issa, Brody has sought revenge — even willing to blow himself up in the process.

But after Brody’s arrest, it seemed Walden would never be punished — in fact, he was on track to become president of the United States.

Now his party will have to find a new candidate — because Brody, doing Abu Nazir’s bidding once again, assassinated the nation’s second in command.

Walden’s death (triggered by an Nazir agent remotely disrupting his pacemaker) was satisfyingly slow, giving Brody just enough time to explain his retribution: “You still don’t get it,” he sneered, as the politico died in his arms. “I’m killing you.”

Nazir set the wheels in motion by kidnapping Carrie (Claire Danes) after broadsiding her, in one of TV’s best surprise car crashes. (Right up there with Sydney Bristow and Vaughn in “Alias.”)

Although the CIA has been housing the Brody family in a swanky secret apartment (aka Mike and Jessica’s love nest), they should’ve realized that Carrie was the one who needed protection the most.

Right after Carrie called Brody (speak of the devil — he was just discussing her with his wife!) to tell him that the State Department is honoring their agreement, on the condition that he resign from Congress and withdraw from the presidential race, Abu Nazir T-boned her car and dragged her to an abandoned mill. Brody’s next caller was Nazir himself, with video of his hostage and his demand: obtain the serial number of Walden’s pacemaker, enabling it to be wirelessly manipulated. (The fact that he found out about this via the New York Times provides one of the episode’s only moments of levity.)

Even though Nazir acknowledges that Carrie will probably end up dead regardless, Brody is compelled to acquiesce. (Lewis’ panicky performance guarantees another Emmy nomination.) “A man gambles with what he has — he has to try,” Nazir tells Carrie, who refuses to accept that — or the fact that they both love Brody. Surely she must believe him when Nazir sets her free before Brody — swearing on “Issa’s immortal soul” — sends him the serial number?

It’s all hands on deck at the CIA, including Danny Galvez, who — injured in the tailor-shop shootout — ostensibly checks himself out of the hospital to help. Or is he the agency’s mole?

The insider assisting Nazir appears to be the subject of the season’s penultimate episode. Estes detains Saul on his way out to rescue Carrie, and in the previews he’s seen with a lie detector — which he’s flunked before. Or could the mole be Estes himself? He’s the one who brought in Quinn to kill Brody and, as Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) confirms, to keep an eye on “too sensitive” Saul. Plus, although it hasn’t been discussed since, Estes agreed to a dinner date with Roya. She also finds herself on the receiving end of Quinn’s physical interrogation style in episode 11.

Will Brody get away with murder? If Carrie remains silent, Walden’s death could be seen as natural –Brody’s news that he’s dropping out of the race, and possibly derailing his own election campaign, could be shocking enough to provoke a heart attack.

What do you think: Will Brody survive Season 2? What about Nazir? And who is the mole?

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