damian lewis homeland claire danes gi 'Homeland's' Damian Lewis gets emotional: 'I miss Claire Danes'Damian Lewis was the subject of a recent TimesTalks that looked back at the course of his career. For good reason, the end of the conversation lingered on his “Homeland” arc as Nicholas Brody.

After New York Times theater critic Matt Wolf showed a clip from “Homeland” to introduce that conversation subject, Lewis got a bit emotional. “I miss Danesy!” he says, referring to his former co-star Claire Danes. “I miss her! They’ll be starting up again now.”

Brody died at the end of “Homeland” Season 3, and now the show is entering a reset for the forthcoming Season 4. Lewis retold the now-familiar story of how Showtime and Fox 21 executives asked showrunners Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon to expand Brody’s story after the show became a hit, but he also revealed he almost didn’t join the show.

“I was very reluctant to do to another TV show. In fact, this was sent to me by my American agent. He just said, ‘Just read this one,'” Lewis recalls. His agent told him: “Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa are involved, they ran ’24’ for the last five or six seasons. Claire Danes is doing it, Mandy Patinkin is on board. This is the one that everyone’s talking about. Just read it.

“I very nearly didn’t do it, for personal reasons,” Lewis admits. “But there were just too many compelling reasons to do it, so I did and I’m extremely happy.”

Reflecting on his character, Lewis feels Brody always tried to be as honest as he could in whatever situation he found himself in. “The thing about Brody is he was a pawn in a larger game, and was burdened by having so many paymasters,” he says. “It was hard for him to know who he was in any given situation.”

Watch the full interview below:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz