“Homeland” got the “Sesame Street” parody treatment, though the resulting video is less a spoof and more a hilariously honest depiction of the show’s central conflicts. In the sketch, titled “Homelamb,” sheep versions of each of “Homeland’s” CIA characters try to track down the Big Bad Wolf, and call in “sheep” Brody to help them do it.

But what Saul and Estes miss that Carrie immediately picks up on is that Brody isn’t actually a sheep, but rather a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sheep Carrie finds herself strangely attracted to her enemy even though she reveals who he really is to her superiors.

“Baaaarody is not the sheep you think he is! I think we need to put eyes and ears on him. … My, what big eyes you have Baaaarody,” Sheep Carrie says. “Baaaarody isn’t a sheep at all. Have you ever seen a sheep howl? You can’t pull the wool over my eyes, Baaaarody. You, you are an imposter. A wolf pretending to be a sheep. You’re really the Big Bad Wolf.”

Though Saul and Estes come up with excuses for why Brody has wolf features and can howl, Carrie finally reveals him for the wolf he truly is. When he tries to escape the Sheep CIA, though, Carrie’s true feelings for him shine through.

“Come back, I don’t care if you are a wolf!” she says. “Did you hear that, Saul? He baaa-ed. Maybe he really is a sheep after all. Maybe he is just a sheep in wolf’s clothing. I don’t care, I love you!”

That’s about the best summary of “Homeland” shown thus far. What did you think of the parody?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz