claire danes homeland 211 'Homeland' hits ratings high but are viewers souring on storyline?“Homeland” hit a series high for Sunday’s (Dec. 2) episode, even besting its lead-in, “Dexter” — Showtime’s usual ratings topper.

In its 10 p.m. slot, 2.2 million viewers tuned in to “Broken Hearts,” with 2.5 million for the night. In the previous hour, “Dexter” attracted 2.1 million viewers (although it ultimately won the night with 2.63 million).

Despite the ratings boost, “Homeland” has been the subject of backlash for recent plot devices that, depending on whom you ask, range from implausible to preposterous and sometimes just annoying. To wit (spoilers follow):

  • The CIA not intercepting a phone call between an American traitor/their best informant (Brody) and the world’s most-wanted terrorist (Abu Nazir).
  • Nazir virtually posing for a convenience store’s surveillance cameras and capturing Carrie in traffic in broad daylight.
  • Terrorists remotely hacking into the vice president’s pacemaker via the device’s serial number.
  • Brody obtaining said serial number using information Nazir read in a New York Times piece.
  • Brody finding a working pay phone in 2012.
  • Dana Brody’s involvement in a hit-and-run. (Nothing like Kim Bauer and the cougar trap in “24” — but then again, it did come to mind in the context of this discussion.)

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