danes lewis 208 homeland 'Homeland'   'I'll Fly Away' recap: This mortifying sex scene brought to you by Carrie MathisonUm, wow. Wouldn’t want to be Saul (Mandy Patinkin) on “Homeland” now.

First he’s completely duped by his road-trip buddy/terrorist/supermax prisoner Aileen, and now his prot�g�e, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) not only takes a known terrorist off the grid but has grunting, moaning, bed-thumping sex with him while half the CIA listens in.

And still Saul defends her. “She’s turning it around,” he insists to the disgusted agent Quinn, who quips: “Is that someone turning something around or is that a Stage 5 delusional getting laid?”

Ding ding ding, they’re both right!

Brody (Damian Lewis) needs “turning around” because he sabotaged his relationship with Roya — he’s late to their scheduled rendezvous on account of being curled up in a fetal position in his hallway — and then tells her he’s done. He’s spiraled so far out of control, burdened so heavily by his deceit and loneliness, that the thought of prison comes as a relief.

Carrie, of course, has a better idea, driving him to an isolated motel that is also a “safe harbor site” where she knows Saul will find her. She also knows that she’s probably giving a free sex show to her colleagues, but is so determined to win Brody back — personally and professionally — that she’s absolutely unashamed. Not to worry: Saul has humiliation to spare.

Still, his faith in Carrie is justified — as is hers in Brody. By playing on his hero complex — “Maybe if we stopped Nazir, you’d be a real hero, and that fact would somehow make everything you did before not matter” — she persuades him to reach out to Roya.

“You know how crazy everyone says you are?” Brody tells Carrie. “You’re crazier than that.” And yet he still agrees to risk his life by arranging another meeting with Roya.

Before moving on to Brody’s terrifying ride-along, let’s not forget that his daughter, Dana, is trying desperately to make amends for the tragic hit-and-run. Feeling betrayed by Brody, she turns to her other father figure, Mike Faber, who drives her to the home of her victim’s daughter. Whether or not she was expecting forgiveness, she was still horrified and ashamed to learn that the Waldens had paid her off. Morgan Saylor, your Emmy nomination is on its way!

While Dana’s world is falling apart, Brody is trying to put his back together. In yet another suspenseful, unpredictable, nail-biter, the CIA follows Brody as Roya forces him to drive out to the boondocks — and destroys their audio surveillance. When they stop by an field and meet with the mystery terrorist, Carrie is certain that Brody’s cover is blown and they are going to kill him. Naturally, she defies Quinn’s orders to stay back and races toward him … when a helicopter suddenly lands in the meadow. Brody is whisked away, and when they reach their destination, he comes face to face with Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) himself.

The world’s greatest terrorist, the only one to address Brody by his first name, utters a single word: “Nicholas.”


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