claire danes homeland 211 'Homeland'   'In Memoriam' recap: Which major character died for their cause?“In Memoriam,” the second-to-last episode of “Homeland’s” uneven sophomore season, offered a tidy resolution to several storylines … but many questions remain.

Here’s what we do know:

Where is Abu Nazir?
Either rotting in hell or enjoying paradise with 72 virgins, depending on what you believe. What we don’t believe is the botched FBI operation that eventually led to the anticlimactic death of the world’s most-wanted terrorist. We weren’t expecting “Zero Dark Thirty,” but maybe something a little more personal/shocking/horrifying? Instead, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) caught what dozens of trained operatives missed: a hidden room in the tunnels beneath where Nazir (Navid Negahban) held her captive. Now she’s got him cornered. But instead of a team of operatives, Carrie’s only got a redshirt — who, when he finally calls for backup, can’t get through. Oh sure, now reception is bad? Like any good horror movie script, Nazir emerges from the darkness to silently slit the throat of the lone agent. While Carrie cowers in fear, the rest of the team finally returns, shooting Nazir when he seems to reach for a weapon.

Is no one suspicious that the vice president died in the arms of the man who planned to assassinate him just months before?
Apparently not. Instead of being questioned, Brody (Damian Lewis) rejoins his family in the safe house — and then sent on his merry way after Nazir’s death. Even if Estes (David Harewood) has ulterior motives for cutting Brody loose, you’d think the State Department might be interested in questioning the known terrorist.

Did Saul pass the lie detector test?
Yes, with flying colors, for once. Unfortunately, Saul’s (Mandy Patinkin) truth, from insubordination to illegal surveillance, gives Estes enough ammunition to bar Carrie’s protector — and by extension, Brody’s — from the CIA. Now Estes can focus on his personal mission: directing Quinn to assassinate Brody. (The plot’s veracity was also confirmed in the lie detector test, which the shifty examiner told Estes he considered it an “anomaly” and left it out of the report.)

Is Danny Galvez the mole?
The obvious choice since early in the first season was in fact (whew) a red herring. Although Carrie suspected him of helping Abu escape, it turned out he was rushing to the hospital because his stitches (from Gettysburg ambush) had ripped open.

Got milk?
Nope. And suddenly dry cereal is a metaphor for everything that is wrong with the Brody family. And even though Nazir’s death means they can finally return home, Brody — who weeps at the news — won’t be joining them. His farewell to Jess (Morena Baccarin) is also the most honest conversation he’s had with his wife since his captivity. He even tries to confess about his suicide-bombing plan, but Jess doesn’t want to hear it. “Carries knows everything about you — she accepts it,” she says sadly. “You must love her a lot.”

Did Peter Quinn kill Brody?

Not yet. Although Estes orders Quinn to take out Brody right away (it can be seen as retaliation by Nazir supporters), the black ops agent merely watches outside while he visits Carrie. Why doesn’t Quinn shoot him? He has plenty of time while Brody professes his love on Carrie’s porch. (“It was you or Walden, Carrie,” he says about assassinating the veep. “It wasn’t even close.” Okaaaay. Why would it be, considering his seething hatred for the man who killed dozens of innocent children?)

Is Quinn just trying to spare Carrie, traumatized by her ordeal with Nazir, the anguish of seeing her lover drop dead on her doorstep?

Did the CIA break Roya?
Although Estes wants Quinn to question Roya, Carrie gets there first and is totally played by Abu Nazir’s right-hand woman. But it’s Roya’s insistence that “Nazir wouldn’t run” that convinces Carrie he never left the area, which is how she ended up in a scene from “Friday the 13th: Abu Underground.”

Unanswered Questions

  • Who is the mole?
  • If not Estes, why hasn’t the chief mentioned that he accepted a dinner date with Roya months ago?
  • Has Brody truly disavowed himself from Nazir’s cause?
  • What are Peter Quinn’s motives?
  • Can Brody survive Season 2?
  • Can “Homeland” survive without Brody?
  • Did the Brodys pick up some fresh milk on the way home from the safe house?
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