homeland season 3 morena baccarin showtime 'Homeland's' Morena Baccarin wants to return, 'whether or not it's great for the story'In moving past the era of Nicholas Brody, “Homeland” Season 4 has also said goodbye to his family, wife Jessica and children Dana and Chris. But while some audience members might be happy the Carrie Mathison’s story has moved on without them, Morena Baccarin wishes the rest of the Brodys had more time to say goodbye.

“It felt very frustrating to end it the way that it did, with [Brody] just leaving the country and getting killed and the family left to pick up the pieces,” Baccarin tells Zap2it while promoting her role on FOX’s “Gotham.” 

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Baccarin says she is game to return to the show, though even she isn’t sure how Jessica, Dana and Chris would weave back into the story. “I would love to. Whether or not it’s great for the story, who cares? I would love to come back and just kind of wrap up my story,” she says. “It would be really fun.”

Carrie hasn’t spent much time stateside in Season 4, though in one episode she did swing by the Brodys’ home with her daughter Frannie. Considering Carrie is heading back to the United States in the Season 4 finale on Dec. 21 and Frannie is also the child of Nicholas — making her a half-sister to Dana and Chris — there could be an opportunity for Baccarin to get the return she desires in the future.

“Homeland” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime, while “Gotham” returns from its hiatus in January.

Additional reporting by Chris Hayner
Posted by:Terri Schwartz