jared ward homeland brody season 3 'Homeland' newcomer Jared Ward on whether Brody can pull off the Iran mission

“Homeland” is introducing some new players as Season 3 heads into its final few episodes. Among them is Jared Ward, who plays Navy SEAL Yousef Turani. Yousef befriended Brody in last night’s episode, “One Last Time,” before they headed off to Iran to try to assassinate General Akbari.

The big question surrounding this mission is whether Brody can actually pull it off. His dedication to the American government is always in question, but Ward thinks that Brody will put his body and soul into the assassination attempt.

“Considering what’s at stake for him with his family and with his daughter and everything, I think he’s really kind of trying his best to do it. But you never know,” Ward tells Zap2it. “You never know what happens in the situation to come. I do feel like it seems he loves his family so much that he’ll do anything for them.”

Yousef and Brody get one moment together where Brody opens up to the SEAL a bit. According to Ward, that was one of his favorite scenes to shoot.

“In that episode 9 it seems like I kind of have a consciousness about him, like not being too mean to him,” he says. It’s such a cool moment, such a great opportunity, but that scene is really interesting. It seemed like a way where he kind of connected.”

Ward was a fan of “Homeland” before the opportunity to audition for Season 3 arrived, so he’s been watching the new season from a fan’s perspective. To help keep some of Season 3’s big secrets locked away, he wasn’t in the know about many of the big twists that led up to his episode. But unlike the many who didn’t like the direction Season 3 started with, Ward was on board for the ride.

“For me personally, I’ve never seen a show take risks that these guys do. They’ll take such an integral character and have him not be on. That’s just so ballsy and so wild, so I was really like, wow,” Ward explains. “Watching it this season, I was like, wow this is how it comes to be. I was just as intrigued as everyone else.”

He credits a large part of that to the show’s leads, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. “It seems a lot of times some series regulars on different shows don’t get to maybe act much. It seems like they are more a staple of consistency. With this show, the series regulars get to just … you don’t know what’s going to happen each episode,” he says. “So to me, I actually kind of like that. It might be frustrating if something doesn’t happen a certain way that someone might want, but it just doesn’t matter because it’s just always left me like, ‘What? Where is this going?’ To me, it’s riveting to see these guys be so unpredictable.”

Though Ward wouldn’t say much about the direction “Homeland’s” final three episodes in Season 3 are headed in, he did say he’s excited to see whether Saul is able to pull off his mission in Iran.

“It definitely seems bold, and I love that he found a way to get more leverage with what he found out about the senator being in cahoots with [Israel], so that bought him more time,” he says. “How are these three guys going to get it together and make this thing work? But somehow, in my mind or maybe my hopes, I feel like they can. In this weird way of all helping each other in this dire position that they’re all three in, it’s so cool that they’re all kind of in it together at this business end of the season. Potentially it could be amazing. It’s intriguing to see.”

“Homeland” airs Sundays on Showtime at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz