Homeland.jpg“Homeland” doesn’t return to Showtime until Sept. 30, so we obviously need to start noodling out where the Claire Danes/Damian Lewis terror-suspense drama is headed in Season 2 right now. Luckily, producer Alex Gansa answered some burning questions for TV Line and we’re passing that information on to you — with nothing redacted — here:

1. Will Carrie remember that she realized Brody knew Abu Nazeer’s son or did that knowledge vanish forever when she underwent electroshock treatment for her bipolar disorder?

Gansa: “There’s a tremendous sense out there in the audience of wanting Carrie to know that she was right, that she’s not crazy and is really good at what she does, and that’s the moment we’re going to be building towards. Whether it’s going to happen in Season 2, I can’t tell you.”

2. So, does that mean she’s all better?

Gansa: “Carrie has willed herself into a place of mental health, so she’s very different from where she was last year.”

3. But can she go back to work for the CIA after what happened?

Gansa: “It would have been too far a jump to bring her back into the fold full bore. However, there are ways that she can work around the edges of the intelligence community that make sense.” (And that mirrors what Gansa told Zap2it at the end of Season 1, when he hinted she would be brought on as a consultant of sorts.)

4. What about Brody? Is he still at the heart of the story?

Gansa: “Mike is going to be a big factor,” says Gansa of Diego Klattenhoff’s character, who also happens to be Brody’s wife’s ex-lover. “Since he’s in military intelligence, he is going to get a hold of the commission report on the assassination attempt against the vice president, and there’s going to be a bunch of stuff in there that doesn’t make sense to him.”

5. “Who has the video? Where is the vest? Who is the mole?”

All excellent questions asked in this new Season 2 promo from Showtime which, while it doesn’t feature any new footage, draws viewers right back in to “Homeland’s” web.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson