homeland mole season 2 'Homeland' Season 2: Who's most likely to be a mole?You know you’ve been thinking about it too. Which seemingly peaceful “Homeland” good guy is actually working for the dark side — Abu Nazir and Al Qaeda? Here are four predictions on the character that might actually not be who you think they are.

1. David Estes (David Harewood) — This might be an obvious choice to include but let’s be real: Estes has gone out of his way, at every moment to sabotage Carrie. Even in the pilot episode of Season 1, he continuously disrupted her questioning of Sargent Brody (Damian Lewis) right after he got back to the U.S. Does he know Carrie knows too much? Is he Nazir’s main pawn at attacking America? What do we not yet know from his past that might make him a mole?

2. Dana Brody (Morgan Saylor) — It’s already pretty shocking that Dana revealed Brody’s religion in the Season 2 opener. What’s even more surprising is that Brody was okay with her knowing he was a Muslim in the first place. He could have made some excuse when she caught him praying in their garage, but he didn’t. Is her “I’m a rebellious” teenager going to get her caught up deeper in a terrorist plot? Is she already helping her dad who she’s been close with since the moment he returned?

3. Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) — Saul has always had Carrie’s back, through thick and thin, properly scolding her whenever she’s deserved it. Berenson’s past is tricky, as the Homeland wiki points out. While this might seem a bit far fetched, his thick and cuddly Patinkin beard might actually be a disguise in plain sight for his radical Islam. Who’s Berenson really working for and what skeletons does he have living in his long career at the CIA.

4. Vice President William Walden (Jamey Sheridan) — Season 2 has now kicked off with Veep Walden calling Brody “the future” of the party, saying that he wants to name him his running mate in the next election. Is he the least likely person to be tied to Nazir or the most likely? In the finale of Season 1, Walden’s chief Aide Elizabeth Gaines (Linda Purl) is shot and killed by Tom Walker (Chris Chalk) instead of Walden. Walden’s then rushed to a safe room with Brody and others for the inevitable vest fail. Did Walker purposely shoot Gaines? Did Walden arrange this? Did he cause the vest fail? Maybe Gaines found out who Brody really was, tried going to Walden and then Walden had to end her?

Yes, these are all conspiracy theories — but “Homeland” is a show full of them. Also remember that writers and Emmy winners Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon both wrote for “24,” a show that was known for its “you thought he was good but he’s the terrorist” moments. 

Posted by:Natan Edelsburg