homeland season 3 episode 10 good night 'Homeland' Season 3 episode 10 'Good Night' recap: Brody breaks his orders

Saul’s plan to end fighting in the Middle East is on its way to being completed, but not without any hitches. “Homeland’s” 10th Season 3 episode, “Good Night,” puts Brody into Iran as planned, but whether he will be able to pull off his mission is yet to be determined.

The difficulties with the plan for the group of SEALs to get Brody into Iran began almost as soon as the mission did. First a group of men on the Iraqi border needed to be killed, which caused Brody to have a minor breakdown. Then the vehicle driving Brody set off a land mine, which led to one of the SEALs losing his leg. The Iraqi police headed over to investigate the disturbance, seemingly ending the mission before Brody even set a foot on Iranian soil.

For better or worse, Brody decided to break his orders to fall back and end the mission. Even Carrie couldn’t talk him down as she told him he had no extraction plan and no backup. He claimed that she would be able to find a way to save him, which is something she has done time and time again in the past. Then he managed to put himself right in the line of the Iranian border patrol men, thus getting himself and one other SEAL captured and moving Saul’s plan forward.

But at what cost? At the end of “Good Night,” Brody finds himself face-to-face with Javadi, who asks him if he’s ready to go to Tehran. Saul thinks he has Javadi as his asset, but as a member of the audience, it’s hard to be sure. Either Javadi is putting up a really good act at being a bad guy, or he’s actually not as under the CIA’s thumb as Saul would think. Regardless, Javadi kills the other SEAL captured with Brody and continues the move to bring Brody to Tehran.

This part of the plan has Carrie out of the loop, though, and that’s never good place for her to be. It’s about these times when Carrie doesn’t know what’s going on that she starts acting reckless, and it wouldn’t seem like much of a stretch for her to suggest hopping on a plane and heading to Iran to be ready to extract Brody herself. With Quinn now knowing about her pregnancy, it remains to be seen how far he’ll go to try to protect her since he is aware that she is her own worst enemy. If there’s someone who will tell Saul that Carrie is carrying Brody’s child, it will likely be Quinn.

The Tehran mission seems to be the center of these last two episodes of Season 3. If “Homeland” has taught viewers anything, it’s to expect the unexpected, so there likely are several more surprises on the way before Brody’s mission ends, one way or another.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz