homeland big man in tehran brody 'Homeland' Season 3 episode 11 'Big Man in Tehran' recap: Brody chooses a side

Against all odds, Brody finally made his move against Akbari, and “Homeland” might actually resolve all the problems in the Middle East like Saul claimed he could.
Brody’s loyalty to the United States has constantly been questioned over the course of this Showtime series, and for good reason. He almost blew up the vice president, he later played a role in his death, and he found himself the person blamed for the bombing at Langley. But in “Big Man in Tehran,” Brody chose his side.
Even in the penultimate Season 3 episode, Brody’s loyalty was questionable. At least this time, Carrie’s dogged belief in him proved true. A failed initial attempt on Akbari left Brody searching for purchase, and he made himself safe and at home in Tehran by publicly bashing the United States. But what Saul ignored and Carrie always knew was that this was a move to one day get close to Akbari and try an attempt on his life again.
Saul should be very, very grateful that Brody ended up going to Akbari and murdering him after the little faith the CIA put in him. When Saul attempted an extraction and Brody turned him down, the current head of the CIA decided that the only acceptable response to try to preserve Javadi’s safety was to kill Brody. What?! After everything Saul put Brody through, he was going to off him like it was nothing.
Carrie’s decisions are often questionable (getting shot and smoking while pregnant, for starters), but her move to call Brody and try to get him out of Tehran was a smart one. Brody didn’t deserve to die in this way, and fortunately he rationally accepted why the CIA would try to kill him and made a rash but successful move on Akbari regardless.
With one episode left in Season 3, it remains to be seen if Carrie can extract Brody like he asks of her in this episode’s final moments. But if all goes according to plan (and Akbari’s office isn’t bugged), Saul might get the success story he wants. It just shouldn’t be Saul’s to claim. The majority of the successes in this operation have come thanks to Carrie, and this really is her victory. It’s highly unlikely it will be seen that way, but regardless; good on her.
But will Brody actually get to stop running like he wants? Carrie might be working on an extraction plan in Tehran — once she gets Brody out of Akbari’s office, of course — but it’s hard to imagine him waltzing back to the United States, especially considering all the smack he’s been talking on the US in Iran. Brody should be even more concerned about the type of reception he’ll receive in his home country than he is about getting out of Akbari’s office alive.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz