homeland the yoga play season 3 recap 'Homeland' Season 3 episode 5 'The Yoga Play' recap: Carrie gets taken

After “Homeland” got its game face on in last week’s “Game On,” the series is finally picking up the momentum in Season 3. Carrie’s double play on Javadi is throwing her into some deep, dangerous waters, while Saul finds himself not in the position of power he was expecting. He still has a couple weeks left on his tenure with the CIA, so Carrie’s move on Javadi will likely make or break his reign as the organization’s head.

At least Quinn is now involved in Carrie and Saul’s super secret operation, which is good news for Carrie. Though she is still uneasy around him, it’s clear that he has an incredible respect for her. That was obvious from when he went to go see her in the hospital, but the way he responded to Saul after he found out that Carrie’s entire CIA burn and time in the mental hospital was just one big play to get her in with Javadi made it clear that this is a woman he’s honored to be protecting.

“Homeland” wouldn’t be “Homeland” if Carrie didn’t jeopardize the Javadi mission in some way, but her reason for “The Yoga Play” was a somewhat surprising one. Jessica Brody was desperate to find Dana after discovering her boyfriend wasn’t who he said he was in “Game On,” but it was an unexpected twist that she would turn to Carrie for help finding her daughter. Clearly Jessica has done some soul searching since she last saw Carrie, because she flat out acknowledges that Carrie’s initial visit to the Brody home to warn them about Nicholas had been to help them.

Though helping Jessica find Dana had the chance of blowing her cover, Carrie agrees to help find Brody’s daughter. To do so she has to convince the FBI operative on the Brody case to search down the missing Dana, but by doing so she potentially revealed to Javadi’s men that she wasn’t the person she is making it seem that she is. It’s never quite clear if Javadi realizes the yoga play took place, even down to the episode’s final moments when he comments to her that she must be in good shape because of all the yoga she’s doing.

Carrie’s attempt to find Dana works, as the news airs a story about the real cause of Leo’s brother’s death that Dana overhears at a gas station. This is enough to set her off, as finding out that Leo was lying to her when all she wants from someone is for them to tell her the truth is enough to send her to the police so she can go back home. Dana should screen the men she dates from now on, because she has not had great luck so far.

As for Saul, he’s not in a very good situation. He interprets an invitation from Senator Lockhart to a duck hunt as meaning he’ll be named the official head of the CIA, but instead he learns that the senator is getting the nomination from the President instead of him. Not only that, but Lockhart wants to get rid of human espionage and instead rely primarily on drone reconnaissance, which Saul is very against. To make matters worse, Saul comes home to find Mira eating dinner with another man.

But at least his play for Javadi seems to have worked. In the final moments of “Homeland” Season 3 episode 5 “The Yoga Play,” Carrie is taken in her home by Javadi’s men and brought to the terrorist. This is enough to make Quinn a bit concerned because, as he notes, she’s now on her own. Saul simply comments that she’s always been alone, and clearly sees this as a sign that he is one step closer to getting Javadi. But if Javadi knows that Carrie has been playing him, and the CIA doesn’t know where she is, she could be in a pretty tough situation. She’s already shown her strength thus far in Season 3, so hopefully she can carry that through this double cross and get Saul the in-person interrogation of Javadi that he so desperately needs.

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz