hoemland season 3 still positive carrie 'Homeland' Season 3 episode 6 'Still Positive' recap: Carrie's hiding a big Brody secret

My, Carrie Mathison, that’s quite a collection of positive pregnancy tests you’ve got hidden in your bathroom cabinet.

It seems “Homeland” Season 3 has been keeping a big bad secret for as long as Carrie has: the Showtime series’ central character is very, very pregnant. And considering the number of pregnancy tests she’s been storing (and the fact she hasn’t been able to take them daily), it seems as though she’s been pregnant for quite some time.

Based on the timeline presented in “Tin Man Is Down,” it’s likely been about three months since Brody and Carrie were last together. She’s had another hookup since, but it seems most plausible that this baby is Brody’s. And if that’s the case, Carrie has got some much bigger problems to deal with than her recent capture of Javadi, because now she’s carrying the baby of America’s most wanted man.

Could that be the news that inevitably draws Brody back to the United States? If Carrie keeps the baby and if the baby is in fact Brody’s, this could be his chance to start life over anew. All that needs to happen is for Saul to interrogate Javadi and realize Brody had nothing to do with the bombing at Langley (if indeed that is the case) and poor Nick could become a free man once again.

Those are a lot of ifs, but things can’t keep going as badly on “Homeland” for all its central characters as they have been in recent episodes. Carrie and Saul’s play on Javadi worked and they managed to get him seated in a room as was their initial plan, though not without Javadi murdering some of his closest family in the process. When Saul and Javadi finally are face to face, all Saul can do is punch the terrorist in the nose before episode 6, “Still Positive,” fades to black. Hopefully Saul can get what he needs out of Javadi in next week’s episode and finally turn the tables on Senator Lockhart.

Saul’s personal life is similarly troubled, as he finds out the man Mira had been seeing at the end of “The Yoga Play” is someone she fell for while they were separated. If he loses the CIA too, he really won’t have much left beyond Carrie, so here’s hoping his play on Javadi ends in an epic victory.

Life isn’t going much easier in the Brody household. Dana opts to change her last name to Jessica’s maiden name, Lazaro, but then takes her separation from her life a step farther. Dana reveals at the last minute that she’s decided to move in with her friend Angela, a decision that Jess takes surprisingly well all things considered.

“Homeland” airs on Sundays on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET. What did you think of “Still Positive”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz