homeland season 3 gerontion mandy patinkin 'Homeland' Season 3 episode 7 'Gerontion' recap: Saul's big Javadi gamble

“Homeland” Season 3 episode 7 “Gerontion” finally acquitted Brody after his questionable involvement (or lack thereof) in the Langley bombing at the end of Season 2, only to put him back in the hot seat once again.

At least Javadi sent Carrie (hopefully) in the right direction to resolve whether Brody had a hand in the bombing or not. After he confirmed to Saul that Brody wasn’t the man who set off the bomb, he made Carrie question whether it was Brody who knowingly gave the bomber the keys to his car. The only way for Carrie to find out whether he was or not is for her to track down the bomber, who is apparently alive somewhere in the United States.

Honestly, that story seems questionable at best. If anything, it seems like Javadi is just trying to send Carrie on a wild goose chase that puts her in danger; likely his revenge for her involvement in Saul turning him into a US asset in Iran. If that is the case, Carrie will fall for it because she’s proven time and again she can’t resist resolving the unknown, and that she’s bullheaded once she gets it into her mind to commit to something.

It’s become clear this season that Quinn has reached his breaking point as a CIA black ops agent, and he even goes as far as to tell Carrie that he’s had enough in this episode. But because she’s Carrie and she’s gotten it into her mind that she needs to track down this bomber to prove once and for all whether Brody is innocent or guilty, she barely even let Quinn’s feelings register. Instead she told him that she needs him for this mission and he agreed because he has developed an incredible amount of respect and compassion for Carrie over the past two seasons.

It would be terrible if that mission becomes his downfall. Though Carrie has shown her strength this season, she’s also shown how blind she can be to others around her. Both Saul and Carrie have been blowing off Fara, which means they don’t seem to have registered that she was legitimately upset about their Javadi twist in this episode. That’s bound to backfire on them, as Fara seemed close to killing him on the spot when Saul’s men went to take Javadi to the airport to send him back to Iran.

As for Quinn, he really needs to learn when to say enough is enough. It was heartbreaking to watch the weight of the murders he’s caused crush him during the police interrogation, and it was hard to see him not stick to his decision to leave the CIA. What’s worse is that Carrie likely doesn’t even realize the pain she’s causing Quinn by ignoring his wishes and having him help her.

Saul clearly thinks he has a victory with this Javadi play, but like with his relationship with Mira, it seems more likely that he’s blind to how little he has under his control. Just as Mira is secretly sleeping with her friend from Mumbai, Javadi likely won’t be the asset Saul hopes he will be. Saul becoming Javadi’s case officer was the big break the characters on “Homeland” needed, but it wouldn’t be “Homeland” if the plan didn’t blow up in their faces a bit.

Do you think that Saul’s plan with Javadi will work to revolutionize the conflict in the Middle East like he believes it will?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz