homeland season 3 a red wheelbarrow 'Homeland' Season 3's final episodes will be all about Brody

As “Homeland” enters into its third and final act of Season 3, showrunner Alex Gansa can finally start publicly patting himself on the back for what he considers the best executed season of the Showtime drama yet. Unlike previous seasons, he says that the writers on “Homeland” decided the story for this season back in March, including Carrie’s pregnancy and Brody’s late-in-the-game inclusion.

Just don’t think Brody will be absent any longer. After his reappearance in “A Red Wheelbarrow,” it seems like Brody will be back for good.

“I think it’s really obvious what the last movement is about. I think it belongs to Nick Brody, that’s the last sweep of episodes this season,” Gansa tells The Hollywood Reporter.

According to Gansa, Brody has been locked up for a couple of months “at least.” He says that Saul has known about Brody’s location since “before he talked to Javadi about Brody’s innocence or guilt,” which means that might not really factor into his plans for the character. El Nino decided to sell out Brody because he figured that the former Marine might “die any day now,” so that’s a great time for him to be reunited with his pregnant lover.

Speaking of that pregnancy, Gansa says it “becomes very important in this last sweep of episodes.” She’s clearly not thinking about the pregnancy in the right way though, because she let her emotions take ahold of her until she got shot in last night’s episode.

“The character of Carrie Mathison is an impulsive one. And sometimes that impulsiveness takes over,” Gansa explains of her motives in “A Red Wheelbarrow.” “She’s carrying Brody’s child, and it completely consumes her. She has to get out and stop it from happening — to the exclusion of all else. It’s that impulsive nature that takes over. If she had time to think about it, she’d probably say, ‘Wait a minute, that’s not a good idea.’ But that’s not Carrie Mathison.”

Gansa clarifies a couple other loose ends as well, explaining that Dar Adal is on Saul’s side now, Carrie got pregnant from her time with Brody at the lake, and that the movies of Mira’s fling Alan will be revealed in episode 9 “Horse and Wagon.” Do you like the direction of “Homeland” Season 3?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz