homeland 312 nicholas brody death damian lewis showtime 'Homeland' Season 4: How Brody was supposed to die and why he isn't coming back

“Homeland” Season 4 will not bring back Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) from the dead. In fact, according to the TV Academy panel featuring “Homeland” on Friday (May 2), the show’s producers have been trying to get rid of the character since season 1 and originally had a different death planned.

Alex Gansa, the executive producer and showrunner for “Homeland” wanted to make it very clear that he wasn’t pretending when he killed Brody and that the man wasn’t coming back. “Truthfully, we’ve been trying to get rid of the guy since Season 1,” he explained, only partially joking it seems.

But the death wasn’t always planned to go the way the audience saw it at the end of Season 3. “Originally we thought Saul was going to kill Brody,” Gansa said. “But it became clear Claire’s Carrie had to send her soulmate someplace he wasn’t going to come back from.”

“Homeland” star Claire Danes was also at the panel and agreed that Brody couldn’t remain. “Realistically, Brody was broken in a way he couldn’t be mended,” the actress pointed out. “What was his place in society?”

If Brody had stayed alive, however, there was a possibility of keeping him under political asylum in Iran. “Homeland” chose not to go that route, meaning that Season 4 will have some major changes when it returns in the fall on Showtime.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Posted by:Laurel Brown