damian lewis mustache movember homeland 'Homeland's' Damian Lewis is growing a mustache for Movember

Damian Lewis has been largely absent from “Homeland” in Season 3, and according to him it’s because he has had to have a few weeks to grow himself a new mustache. Brody was hairless when he was last seen on the show, but Lewis has a brand new ‘stache that he showed off on “Good Morning America.”

Though the new facial hair is for Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert,” he’s also doing it to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer as part of “Movember.” Eventually it will turn into a handlebar mustache, and Lewis says his wife Helen McRory is not a fan.

“My wife does not like it. She’s being polite and saying she does,” he says with a laugh.

Lewis also opens up about the experience of finding out that President Barack Obama is a “Homeland” fan. So when does the president find the time to watch? Lewis recalls the POTUS telling him, “Well, Saturday afternoon I tell Michelle I’m going into my office to work and I turn on the TV and watch ‘Homeland.'”

Though it’s unclear when exactly Brody will be back on “Homeland,” Lewis reflects on what makes him such an appealing character to fans. “I think the reason people like Brody is because he’s essentially trying to do the right thing, but he keeps doing the wrong thing and makes bad choices trying to do the right thing,” Lewis explains. “It’s always fun being with someone when they’re trying to get away with something, even if it’s trying to blow up the vice president.”

“Homeland” airs Sundays on Showtime at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz