claire danes rupert friend homeland jpg 'Homeland's' super spoilery OMG Season 2 trailer: 7 things you may or may not want to knowTake a deep breath, “Homeland” fans, because the new Season 2 trailer will knock the wind out of you.

Set to a haunting cover of the Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” we see Carrie (Claire Danes) undercover in Beirut…and a lot of thrilling spoilers about what’s to come. And even more questions. For instance:

1. Judging by Saul’s (Mandy Patinkin) horrified reaction, something goes terribly wrong with their operation in Beirut.

2. Speaking of horrified reactions, one shot shows Brody (Damian Lewis) howling in anguish that looks very much like grief. Is Abu Nazir killed — or worse, could he lose another child? This show makes us go to very dark places.

3. Wearing what looks to be the same blue shirt in the scene mentioned above (but then again it’s also a politician’s uniform, so maybe not), Brody is seen covered in blood and cleaning up at a car wash. Vengeance killing?

4. Gun raised, new castmember Rupert Friend runs with Carrie down an alley. They could still be in Beirut, but she’s lost the brunette disguise she doesn’t need on her home turf.

5. In the trailer’s scariest scene, Brody, covered in mud in the pouring rain, is holding what looks to be a body in the woods. And that’s really all we can say about that.

damian lewis homeland trailer 'Homeland's' super spoilery OMG Season 2 trailer: 7 things you may or may not want to know
6. Carrie reteams with her old illegal surveillance buddies, Virgil and his peculiar brother. Who are they watching? Why? Most important, do they have FBI authorization?

7. Finally, Brody welcomes a smiling and composed Carrie to his hotel room, which appears to be under surveillance. Does Carrie remember the link that ties him to Abu Nazir? And does the FBI finally back her up? Or is this another romantic tryst?

We can’t wait to find out the answers when “Homeland” returns to Showtime Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10 p.m. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below and share your guesses about what you see!

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