lsu honey badger gi Honey Badger loses BCS (but probably don't care)

LSU might not have won the BCS championship game, but Honey Badger don’t care (we’re assuming).
Randall, the narrator of one of 2011’s funniest viral videos (about a carefree, sassy honey badger in the wild), lent his support to LSU over Alabama, mostly due to All-American player Tyrann Mathieu being nicknamed the Honey Badger due to his fierce playing style.
“Jumping and leaping and doing the things he does, it’s crazy!” Randall tells the Associated Press. “He just plays with such heart and such vigor. It’s just very exciting. To me, that embodies the honey badger. He just takes whatever he wants and nothing is going to stop him.”
Unfortunately, the Tigers didn’t pull through, and Alabama emerged victorious. But that’s not something the honey badger would give a s*** about, is it?!

Posted by:Jean Bentley