honey west 'Honey West' Anne Francis dies at 80 from pancreatic cancerAnne Francis, best known for her starring role in “Forbidden Planet” and as the first female TV detective on “Honey West,” passed away on Jan. 2 at age 80. Her death was caused by complications stemming from pancreatic cancer. She had also struggled with lung cancer, having undergone surgery and chemotherapy. The actress passed away in a retirement home in Santa Barbara.

Though she starred in dozens of movies, including “Bad Day at Black Rock,” “Battle Cry,” and “Funny Girl,” Francis was best known for her television work. “Honey West” was executive produced by Aaron Spelling, beginning in 1965. Francis and John Ericson starred as partners at a detective agency. Her character famously owned a pet ocelot named Bruce Biteabit.

She won a Golden Globe and received an Emmy nomination for her work.

Francis, who died surrounded by family and friends, is survived by her daughters, Jane and Maggie, and one grandson.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie