Ruben_danceyourassoff_290 This week, the “Dance Your Ass Off” contestants tackle Swing dancing to some odd music selections and a special prize has everyone taking their efforts up a notch.

Host Marissa Jaret Winokur introduces the behind-the-scenes recap package where she tells the contestants that whoever is on top of the leaderboard this week will get to call home. It’s been six weeks and everyone is missing someone and is working double hard in order to be number one.

Back live in the studio, judges Mayte Garcia, Lisa Ann Walters, and Danny Teeson emerge from their giant Disco Ball and Marissa re-explains the rules. Judges’ average score plus a contestant’s weight loss percentage equals their total score. The last two to get called have the least loss percentage and are in the most immediate danger of going home.

1. Trice & Jesus

Song: “Spotlight” a la Jennifer Hudson only a tenth as good

Trice has been working hard in order to call her mom. Jesus choreographed a West Coast Swing for her. It’s good energy and attitude and you can really see how much weight she’s lost. Unfortunately the footwork was a little heavy at times but the technique has improved. Mayte commended her on improving her feet. Lisa Ann gave the tip to not lead with her head which will improve her posture and allow Jesus to actually do the leading. Danny appreciated the wealth of content.

Score: 6.7 (7-6-7)

Weightloss: 1.69% (-4.2 lbs)

Total: 8.39

2. Alicia & Italo

Song: “Pump It” reminiscent of Black Eyed Peas

After being in the bottom last week, Alicia met with nutritionist Meg Werner Moreta, MS RD to discuss the blow to her self-confidence. Italo went with a Jive/Swing combo for this routine. He’s a great choreographer and this is probably the best Alicia’s done. The execution wasn’t fantastic but she was definitely improved from prior weeks. Mayte loved the energy and connection with her partner. Lisa Ann complimented her on her showmanship. Danny loved that it was full of content but wanted a little more bounce.

Score: 8.7 (8-9-9) – It’s a bit high for me, all 8’s sure but…

Weightloss: 2.56% (-6 lbs)

Total: 11.26

3. Shayla & Mario

Song: “One Step At A Time” a la Jordin Sparks

Shayla’s shooting towards calling her dad, who’s the most important person in her life. Mario’s given her a Lindy Hop/West Coast Swing hybrid to work with. They’ve got tricks on top of tricks on top of kicks and flips. Her legs look fab. What’s really smart about this number is that he basically ignored the odd music and choreographed a great number. Mayte enjoyed it and loved the clean, precise choreography. Lisa Ann called it beautiful and said it had a Cyd Charisse vibe. Danny didn’t think the music and moves worked so great but thought she was fantastic.

Score: 9.0 (10-8-9)

Weightloss: 1.82% (-3.4 lbs)

Total: 10.82

4. Ruben & Hilary

Song: Karaoke track “SOS” a la Rihanna

Ruben’s call home is the most important to me because his partner is recovering from cancer and is about to go into the hospital. He really wanted to push both weight loss and dance content so Hilary gave him a West Coast Swing/Jive hybrid. Wow, just looking him you can see he’s lost a lot of weight. It was full of content and well-executed but I found the song distracting. Mayte complimented his ability to change his posture and hold so effortlessly. Lisa Ann says he’s always fun to watch but he was a little too fluid for this style. Danny totally disagrees and compliments how they always showcase him at his best.

Score: 8.7 (9-7-10) – wow, thanks Lisa Ann for ruining this for him

Weightloss: 2.28% (-6.2 lbs)

Total: 10.98

The Bottom Two

Trice is at the bottom of the scoreboard right now and must withstand Mara and Pinky’s totals to make it to next week.

1. Mara & Paul

Song: “Womanizer” a la Britney Spears

Mara injured her knee last week but is pushing through. Paul choreographed a Jive mixed with West Coast Swing. Great energy and there’s a notable improvement in her overall technique. The content was good too. Mayte loved the use of stage. Lisa Ann thought it was nice work and true to the styles. Danny really liked it and felt she’s regained her spark.

Weightloss: 1.24% (-3.0 lbs)

Score: 8.3 (9-8-8)

Total: 9.54

2. Pinky & Mr. Lucky

Song: “I Kissed A Girl” a la Katy Perry

Pinky’s the only person (at least that they showed) who said she’d give her call to Ruben if she wins. She’s even doubled her cardio sessions and up her vegetable intake so she can get the top spot and donate the call. And that’s why she’s awesome. Mr. Lucky is serving up a Lindy Hop/Jive combo. Great energy, fantastic attitude, and a noticeable improvement in overall technique. She even threw in a backbend to the ground. Impressive. Mayte had a great time watching it. Lisa Ann wanted more side by side content but loved the backbend. Danny called her “a cat with nine lives” since she’s been in the bottom so much and survived.

Weightloss: .75% (-1.3 lbs)

Patrice_danceyourassoff_290 Since Mara scored enough to be safe, either Pinky or Trice will be eliminated. Mayte gave her an 8, Lisa Ann gave her a 7, and Danny needs to pull at least an 8 out of the bag for her to stay. After much to do, Danny gives her a 9 and sends Trice home. She’s lost 31 pounds total, the most of all the women, which is awesome. She takes it very well though.

Before the show is over, it cuts to Alicia’s stupid phone call to her mom. I fast forwarded because I’m a bit disgusted she didn’t give it to Ruben. Finding out if your sister-in-law gave birth does not trump cancer-recovering-partner-of-20-years-about-to-go-into-the-hospital. And I still firmly believe she was over-scored. Next week: The remaining contestants perform a Hip Hop number and a Tango.

Your thoughts? Should Alicia have given her phone call to Ruben? Who’s transformation have you been most impressed/shocked by? Did you have a favorite number?

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Posted by:Tamara Brooks