facts of death #horrorsitcoms: From 'The Facts of Death' to 'Everybody Kills Raymond'Without Twitter, there would be no trending topics. Which might sometimes (cough Rebecca Black cough) be a positive development. But, imagine a world without trending topics like #horrorsitcoms, which has consumed a healthy portion of our afternoon here at zap2it.

The idea is simple: Take the name of a sitcom and tweak it just enough to give it a ghastly edge. For instance, “Mayberry RFD” becomes “Mayberry RIP” or (and the term “sitcom” is used loosely here) “Jersey Shore” becomes “Jersey Gore.”

Obviously, we put aside all other work and jumped on the trend immediately. Here are our contributions. The, below, some of our favorites from the Twitter feed.

From zap2it staff:

The Facts of Death
Parks and Recreation and Zombies
Sabre-Toothed Cougar Town
How I Killed Your Mother
Mike & Molly’s Ghost
30 Shock
Certifiably Mad About You (or Certifiably Mad Men)
Everybody Kills Raymond
Being Human Centipede
Sanford and Son of Dracula
It’s Always Bloody in Philadelphia
Saved by Hell

And, a selection of the best tweets:

The Good Knife #horrorsitcomsless than a minute ago via web

Married with Children of the Corn #horrorsitcomsless than a minute ago via TweetCaster

“How I Met Your Serial Killer.” “Sh$t My Dad Carves Out Of HIs Victims.” “Perfect Corpses.” #horrorsitcomsless than a minute ago via web

Read the still-growing feed at Twitter.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson