horse meat found in burgers in ireland gi Horse meat found in burgers a mystery in IrelandImagine you’re sitting down for dinner, and it’s burger night. You’re favorite night of the week! You pick up your burger and take a bite. Isn’t it delicious? Now imagine an Irish scientist walks into your dining room and tells you that you’re eating horse.

Still want that burger?

According to the Associated Press, that’s not as unrealistic as you might think. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has discovered trace amounts of horse DNA in a selection of burgers sold in Ireland’s supermarkets. The disturbing thing is that in some instances, it’s a bit more than trace amounts. According to research, one sample was made up of 29% horse meat. Yes, nearly one third of the burger was ground horse.

Oddly, no one seems to know how horses got mixed up in the process anyway, with chief executive of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Professor Alan Reilly saying, “there is no clear explanation at this time for the presence of horse DNA in products emanating from meat plants that do not use horse meat in their production process.” While some countries, like Mexico and Argentina, eat horse meat, Ireland is not on that list.

There doesn’t seem to be much outrage over the horse burgers, though. Stores are tossing out the infected products and the companies responsible are investigating. Still, bet you’ll think twice the next time you go to buy ground beef.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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