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The Secret Service immediately knew the president receiving the wrong drug before an operation was no accident, and the government jumps into action on Monday’s (Sept. 30) second episode of “Hostages.”
Dr. Ellen Sanders (Toni Collette) is under suspicion after the aborted operation in last week’s series premiere. She’s escorted into a room and questioned. The Secret Service initially seems satisfied with her answers. Sanders seems shocked at the inference of anyone trying to do the president harm.
When pressed as to why she postponed the surgery — in which the president was supposed to die, per the assassination conspiracy — Sanders says, “I was concerned he was not clotting properly. I called off the surgery because he would have died.”
When Sanders finally gets home after an exhausting day, Duncan (Dylan McDermott) awaits. As expected, he is none too thrilled with having the assassination plan foiled.
“Your clever little ruse has made everything more difficult,” he tells Sanders. 
She had replaced the poison, which was supposed to drip into the president’s IV with a blood thinner, buying two weeks before the operation could be rescheduled.
Carlisle takes her to her basement, where her husband, Brian (Tate Donovan); daughter, Morgan (Quinn Shephard); and son, Jake (Mateus Ward) are being held hostage. They are bound, on their knees, with duct tape over their mouths.
Carlisle puts a gun in Sanders’ hands, telling her she has to kill one of them.
Perhaps if she knew for certain that her husband was having an affair it would be an easier choice. She turns to shoot Carlisle, and of course the gun fires blanks.
Carlisle then forces Sanders to implant a chip into each member of the family so the assassins always know where Brian, Morgan and Jake are.
This elaborate scheme — to hold the thoracic surgeon’s family hostage until she killed the president during what was supposed to be a routine surgery — was supposed to be over by now. 
The crew had been hired for a set time to efficiently carry out plans that had been hatched over months. When Sanders swapped the vial, she completely fouled their plan, and the group of well-trained, well-armed criminals starts to unravel.
We learn that Kramer (Rhys Coiro) has a pill problem. Sandrine (Sandrine Holt) does not trust Carlisle, their leader. Archer (Billy Brown) is loyal to Carlisle and pretty much his henchman.
Sanders is summoned to the hospital to take a lie detector test. Carlisle advises her on how to ace it, and explains that the Secret Service is focusing on Angela, a longtime, excellent surgical nurse, who happens to be one of Sanders’ best friends.
But Carlisle explains someone has to pay for her fouling up his plan, and the easiest way is to make it look like Angela is so upset about her mistake that she commits suicide. Of course she had an assist from Archer, but the authorities do not know that.
Someone close to Sanders has already died. When she blames Carlisle, he deflects any guilt. “You failed to honor our agreement,” Carlisle tells her. “Angela’s death is on you.”
What did you think of “Hostages” this week? Is the show moving forward as you hoped?
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler