Today's cuppa; mass quantities of coffee

Logo_beta Snowed under by deadlines today — have to bang out a feature story on the upcoming second season of "Raising the Bar" on TNT — so little blogging time.

But I hate to leave my Cuppers with empty mugs, so in the meantime, check out my new side gig, as an "guest eGuider" at It's a Web site that has "industry pros" — I guess that means me, along with other, far more famous, folks — recommend online videos.

If you happen to click on the main page today — today being Tuesday — you'll catch my latest recommendation, a spoof done by NYU students that mashes up "The Office" and "24."

Some of my previous picks can be found here. I'm particularly fond of the dancing cockatoo. Now, that's comedy…

See you later, keep sippin'!

Posted by:Kate O'Hare