eguiders logo large.jpgWelcome to my eGuiders page, where I’ve been laboring away, finding the best online video for you.

For your viewing enjoyment, we have a weatherman losing his mind over the Washington, D.C. “Snowpocalypse”; a surprisingly gorgeous music video that casts the Founding Fathers as an ’80s hair band (rock it out, Ben Franklin!); a young woman doing strange things with a baby (keeping it clean here, folks); Sawyer’s many pet names for his “Lost” companions; a scene from “The Big Bang Theory,” sans audience laughter; a “Glee” parody from “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”; a long but deeply satisfying evisceration of “Avatar”; and a very, very old videogame commercial.

But wait, go to the next page, and there’s more! There’s a guide to producing the news! There’s a movie made by chimps! Reality stars who don’t want to make friends! Economic philosophers rapping! “The Late Night Wars” as a Ken Burns documentary! And cars, cars, cars and “Top Gear”!

Whew. I need a hot cuppa now.

Thank you! Good night!

Posted by:Kate O'Hare