Today’s cuppa: Yorkshire Gold and Irish breakfast tea, and a bit of Beverly Hilton coffee.

The view from where I sit (complete with empty water bottles and an empty BH paper cup that once held the Irish breakfast tea) toward the stage of the International Ballroom (where the Golden Globes is held) between sessions for NBC Universal, on the final day of the Television Critics Association Press Tour. Farewell to the Peacock, farewell to the Beverly Hilton (bye, valet parking guys! Love ya!), bye to the TCA until we meet again in January at the Universal Hilton over in the San Fernando Valley.

Oh, right, was there news? Not really, other than it appears that Keith Olbermann is somehow able to rant and rave on his MSNBC opinion show "Countdown With Keith Olbermann," then magically shed those opinions to anchor straight political coverage and presto chango back into a sports guy for NBC’s "Football Night in America" (assuming he’ll lean more to the ranting persona than the straight newsman persona for this, but we’ll see).

His bete noire, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News’ "The O’Reilly Factor" only tackles one of those things (hint: not the news-anchor thing and not the football). Triple threat, that crazy Olbermann!


Posted by:Kate O'Hare