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It’s October, so that means hot Santa Ana winds and the threat of wildfires here in Los Angeles. We’ve had one burning in the Angeles National Forest east of the city, and it’s impossible to forget last year’s devastating fires all across the state.

Last November, my coffee-aficionado friend, who’s known in certain circles on both coasts as The Scary One, and I took a drive out to Malibu to see the aftermath of the terrifying fires there (click here for video) which swept down from the hills and across the Pacific Coast Highway.

Below are two of TSO’s shots from that day, depicting blackened pinecones, and scorched trees on the ocean side of the PCH.

We finish with two shots I took right in the same area nearly a year later, at Pepperdine University on Sept. 18, 2008. They depict the Sept. 11 memorial there — almost 3,000 American flags, one for each person killed in the terrorist attacks.

Just a reminder that there are things more frightening than a sinking stock market.

MONDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Another fire in Porter Ranch, north of Los Angeles, called a "blowtorch." Other SoCal fires also burning. Any good wishes you have to spare, could you send them to us for cool breezes and rain? ‘Preciate it.


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Posted by:Kate O'Hare