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With the Republican National Convention scaled dramatically down, and as the cable and network newsers concentrate on the effects of Hurricane Gustav in the Gulf Region — see yesterday’s last post for info and useful links on both the GOP convention and Gustav — I’m suspending the "Un-Convention-al" livebloggery for a day and returning to regularly scheduled programming.

And since it’s Monday, that means "Hot Cuppa Pix of the Week"!

Week before last, I spent a hot, sunny Friday in downtown Los Angeles at the historic (but sadly deteriorating) and beautiful Los Angeles Herald-Examiner building for a location visit to the last days of filming for the fourth season of FX’s bawdy comedy "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia," which premieres on Sept. 18.

When I visited the show in its second season — on a day of high winds and torrential rain that, unfortunately, displayed how leaky the building was even then — the set for the show’s main location, the tatty Paddy’s Pub, was in the Herald-Examiner building.

Update: Found a Newsday link to the story from my original set visit.

Now the show has shifted its chief sets to Culver City — I’ll blog again when I drop by there for a visit —  but returned to the old locale to shoot scenes set in a bank and a newspaper office (in a part of the building’s second floor that has also doubled for a police HQ, which explains the still-existing interrogation room).

So here’s a few of my pix from the production…(click on images for larger version)

The Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Building from across the street. The architect was Julia Morgan of San Francisco, who went on to design San Simeon for William Randolph Hearst, who owned the newspaper syndicate to which the Herald-Examiner belonged.



Preparing to shoot a scene inside the old bank with the second team (close doubles for the actors who sit in during lighting and camera positioning). This was for a different episode than the one that I saw shooting scenes upstairs. It’s not uncommon to shoot scenes in a single location that will be inserted in several episodes.

I spent days on location in New York City with "NYPD Blue" watching the cast and crew shoot scenes — often rewritten by executive producer David Milch on the spot (and sometimes the spot was a director’s chair sitting in a park) — which the would be salted into episodes throughout the first half of the season.

Newpix_077btr (Left) Rehearsing the same scene with the first team of Charlie Day (left) and series creator Rob McElhenney. (Below) Star Glenn Howerton seeks a rubber-band-snap victim in the bank.

Charlie (left) and Rob get sexy on the second floor.

(Above) Charlie, Glenn, Kaitlin Olson and Rob chill between takes.

Sunny10btr Guest star Fisher Stevens gets ready to shoot. In the episode, he plays a reporter who runs afoul of the Paddy’s Pub gang. In each successive take of the scene in which the gang arrives at his office to complain, the violence level increased.

By the time I had to leave, the confrontation included stern words, insults, spitting in a coffee mug, whacking a clock with a hammer, clearing a desk with a hammer and pretending to defecate on the floor.

I couldn’t stay for the addition of breaking the glass in the door’s window.

Heaven only knows what will wind up in the final edit.

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