Today’s cuppa: Yorkshire Gold tea, chased with vanilla-nut coffee from the craft service table at CBS’ "Million Dollar Password"

I spent today losing my objectivity while watching tapings of CBS’ "Million Dollar Password," with host Regis Philbin. Happy to report that the folks who won money really seemed to deserve it (and I cheered and clapped appropriately). Took a bunch of pix, enough to kill the battery in my camera, so as soon as that’s charged up again, I’ll pull a few to post.

Also had chats with celebrity players Adam Carolla (and yes, we talked about "Top Gear," and yes, I will share), "Password" legend Betty White (who’s lost none of her edge in the game) and "The Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan (who did fine despite being worried about being paired with Julie Chen, wife of CBS big boss Les Moonves).

More on all this another day, but last Friday, I ended my week at ABC Family’s "The Middleman," during filming of its 12th and last episode. In lieu of a 13th episode, creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach got an extra day of filming on his mirror-universe version of the show, "The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome," featuring usually straight-laced Matt Keeslar as a Middleman by way of Snake Plissken from "Escape From New York."

My chat with Javi will appear as a story on and in syndication (I’ll alert you all when it’s up), but in the meantime here’s some pix from the set. And BTW, it was "dress like Javi" day, which may account for the "gay/straight shoes" worn by script supervisor Nancy Solomon and the black t-shirt and jeans (unseen in the photo, but I vouch for their existence) worn by assistant director Derek Johansen (both are alumni of "Charmed," as is Javi).

Click on images for a larger version.

We start with Javi’s shoes:



Everybody looks cooler in the Mirror Middleverse (check out the guns on Keeslar below, in a pic from Javi’s blog).

Middleman_006 Mirrormiddleman_2

Middleman_007 Also, in honor of the Mirror Middleverse, everybody wears goatees (it’s a Spock thing). Derek has the chimp; Javi has the world’s coolest (and heaviest) watch. And the set gets a new street address.


And now, the Middlemobiles.


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