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Back on Dec. 29, I put up three polls to track the attitudes of Cuppers as we move into 2009. Well, we’re here, and some of your results, as always, are interesting (NOTE: These results are from 2:03 p.m. PST, when this post was originally uploaded. The polls remain open. If you don’t like the results for your show, feel free to vote some more. I’ll check back in a bit and see what’s changed.)

Click through the various links for premiere dates and/or further information.

The first poll asked about scripted shows returning to the schedule, and just as noteworthy as the shows you’re apparently looking forward to are the ones getting a big meh from the voters.

The top most anticipated show is Sci Fi Channel’s "Battlestar Galactica," with 17.31 percent of the vote.
I’ve seen the first new episode of the final season, and I have to say, your anticipation is warranted.

With 15.38 percent of the vote each are "24" on Fox and "Scrubs" on ABC. I’ve seen four "24" episodes — which were rip-roarin’ awesome — and a couple of "Scrubs" — funny as ever — so again, you’re right on the money.

With 11.54 percent of the vote each are ABC’s "Lost" — seen the first two, excellent and jam-packed — NBC’s "Medium" and TNT’s "The Closer." A little surprised to see "Medium" right up there with "Lost," but the show has very loyal fans, even if they might not be as vocal as the Losties.

The CW’s supernatural romp "Reaper" got 7.69 percent, which is way above the next two shows, NBC’s "Friday Night Lights" and FX’s "Damages," which both got 1.92 percent.

I get the "Reaper" love, but the disses for "FNL" and especially "Damages" were a surprise. Of course, many "FNL" fans may have already seen the show in its fall run on DirecTV, but the lack of interest in "Damages" is just too bad.

I’ve seen the first three "Damages" episodes of the new season, and believe me, if you like tight, suspenseful legal drama, give it a try.

No love at all for HBO’s "Big Love," FX’s "Nip/Tuck," CBS’ Canadian import "Flashpoint," Showtime’s "The L Word" (airing its last season), and Showtime’s sophomore "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl."

In the "Other" category voters penciled in "Sanctuary" and "Bones," neither of which qualified for inclusion in the poll because they began their seasons back in the fall. Shows in this category were those launching AFTER the New Year. Also in the "Other" was "Stargate Atlantis," not included because it began its season last summer and airs straight through into this month. It did, though, make it into another category — more on that below.

The next poll was about scripted shows premiering in 2009 — again, not an exhaustive list. The answers here probably reflect more on the respective networks’ abilities to get information on their shows out to the public rather than the relative quality of the shows themselves.

Top vote-getter, with 50 percent, is Fox’s highly anticipated "Dollhouse," the new series from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel" and "Firefly" creator Joss Whedon. No surprise there.

I’ve seen the pilot, which was intriguing enough to ensure a second look, but didn’t get me to fall in love at first sight, as "Buffy" did. But, can’t expect that response very often.

Coming in with 28.57 percent of the vote is NBC’s alternate-history drama "Kings," possibly a testament to the intriguing promos the network has been running, and to the appeal of "Deadwood" star Ian McShane.

A big drop down to 14.29 percent for Fox’s lie-detector drama "Lie to Me." Seen the first episode, and it’s an entertaining and worthy show, kicked up a notch by the presence of always excellent British actor Tim Roth.

No eagerness at all for Showtime’s "United States of Tara," from "Juno" writer Diablo Cody (did a set visit and a syndicated feature story on it, so more on this to come); TNT’s charming ad-man buddy dramedy "Trust Me" (trust me, check it out, Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanaugh are terrific together); ABC’s remake of "Cupid" (it’s online, but I haven’t watched yet); and CBS’ mystery "event" series "Harper’s Island."

In the "Other" category, someone added freshman procedural "The Mentalist," which doesn’t belong here, but is one big honking hit.

The last poll dealt with scripted shows that had departed or would be departing soon. Most to be missed,
with 67.27 percent of the vote, is Sci Fi Channel’s "Stargate Atlantis."

But, since hearing that the always fabulous Robert Carlyle ("24: Redemption") has been hired for the next "Stargate" series, "Stargate Universe," feeling a bit better about the future of this durable franchise.

Next up, with 12.73 percent, is ABC’s charming "Pushing Daisies." There are still a handful of episodes in the can, and I hope ABC sees fit to air them. Sadly, this sweet show just couldn’t garner sufficient audience numbers to survive.

Tied at 5.45 percent of the vote each are ABC’s lawyer-with-visions dramedy "Eli Stone," ABC’s late, lamented legal dramedy "Boston Legal," and NBC’s short-lived double-identity thriller "My Own Worst Enemy."

With 1.82 percent of the vote are ABC’s soapy "Dirty Sexy Money" and FX’s "The Shield." People! Only 1.82 percent of you are going to miss "The Shield" most? That’s disappointing.

Nobody, though, seems to miss The CW’s "In Harm’s Way," CBS’ "The Ex List," The CW’s "Easy Money," Fox’s "Do Not Disturb" and The CW’s "Valentine" — and I don’t blame them a bit.



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