Today’s cuppa: Mystic Monk Coffee, Mystic Monk Blend

  • Tea (made from tiny little tea leaves — black, green or white): 52 percent
  • Coffee: 33 percent
  • Tea (made from grass, twigs or other non-tea plant material): 5 percent
  • I do not partake of the brewed beverage: 5 percent
  • Does a hot toddy count? (also the category for hot chocolate and hot cider): 5 percent

Evidently, tea wins big, but coffee comes in a strong second. This more or less reflects my ratio of tea drinking to coffee drinking, so I’m gratified to be a fair representative of Cuppers as a whole.

As for the non-tea-tea drinkers, the non-brewed-beverage drinkers and the toddy/cocoa/cider folks, thanks for stopping by even though you don’t see your cuppas represented (I did do hot chocolate once, though). I appreciate your ability to transcend our beveragal differences.

Any suggestions for the next Hot Cuppa Poll of the Week? I’m contemplating the Marvel vs. DC comic-book debate, favorite TV network, cable vs. broadcast, comedy vs. drama, favorite reality show, serious drama vs. escapist entertainment, etc. (BTW, I enjoy elements of all of the above, as I’m sure many of you do, but we do have our preferences and favorites).

Do any of these tickle your fancy? Other ideas? Happy to hear from you!

Back on Monday with Hot Cuppa Pix of the Week and a preview of Fox’s upcoming "The Cleveland Show."Cleveland

Posted by:Kate O'Hare