Today's cuppa: green & white iced tea with a hint of mint


Was on Shaun Daily's TVTalk show on earlier this afternoon (click here to listen) and spent part of the time talking to "Leverage" star Christian Kane, who was in Las Vegas promoting his Maverix lingerie and swimwear line.

Click here for a link to my original story on "Leverage" (which includes additional material from Kane), here to learn more about the show, which has its first-season finale next Tuesday, and here to learn about Kane's culinary abilities.

And BTW, if you read my original story, it talks about my set visit on Election Night in Pasadena — which happened during production on part one of the finale. Just a little trivia there…

Kane was also the subject of an earlier Hot Cuppa TV poll about whether he or former "Angel" co-star — and current "Bones" star — David Boreanaz is prettier, but I'll let you listen to the podcast to hear Kane talk about that in his own words.

But a couple of questions came up which I promised would be the subjects of new polls, so here they are. The first is pretty self-explanatory, and the second is based on an announcement Kane made that Boreanaz is considering directing a second-season episode of "Leverage," whch goes back in production in April.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare