Tonight's cuppa: coffee at home, at last

Kate'shotcuppasmall Where've I been? Well, if you followed me on Twitter, you'd know I've been at the biannual Television Critics Association Press Tour, at the beautiful — and it really is — Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, Calif. I was in residence for the week, representing my company at the cable-TV portion of tour.
My colleagues start to filter in tomorrow, so I'm sleeping in my own bed tonight, but will be in and out of the PBS portion of tour — this weekend — and the broadcast-network portion, which continues next week. Twitter's probably the best way to keep up with the festivities, but when I have time to come up for air, I'll try to drop in a few blog posts as well.
But I did carve out time on Thursday to make my regular appearance on Shaun Daily's TV Talk Show on Click here for the MP3 version of my rendition of the tour thus far, while dealing with the Huntington's somewhat spotty cell reception.
And just because I like ya, below find today's tweets from our group set visits to CBS' new"Three Rivers" and "NCIS: Los Angeles," and Fox's "Bones" and "Dollhouse," all preceded by a select-group luncheon with "Rivers" star (and former "Moonlight" star) Alex O'Loughlin. (Read from the bottom up):

1.      BTW, the NCIS-LA set is supposed to be a converted mission. Wonderful details, down to bits of moss in the mortar between concrete blocks.
2.      Watching Verminators. Not sure if I like the idea that the IsoTech guys are in Florida. Who's watching the rat traps in my office garage.
3.       BTW, outside the Dollhouse set, there were pieces of a disassembled set labeled "Sexy Changing Room." Nope, I have no idea what that means.
4.      BTW, at the end of the Bones session today, Emily Deschanel said she went to high school with Joss Whedon's brothers.Interesting, if freaky.
5.       Had a brief, pleasant chat with Dollhouse star Harry Lennix. The man rocks a tan plaid sport jacket over a buff-colored T-shirt. Swank!
6.       Not much new Dollhouse scoops, but Joss Whedon said that the show's DVR numbers and future DVD/download potential helped it come back.
7.      Sorry, all, couldn't Twitter from the Dollhouse set earlier today. Too many wooden beams or too much bamboo. Very pretty set, tho.
8.      When the audience fights among themselves, we've done something right — Bones producer @harthanson
9.      At ComiCon, @harthanson said there were abouy 4000 people there, and about 1000 hated him. But Boreanaz was a rockstar.
10.  Bones prod. @harthanson says star David Boreanaz had an idea about taking flying lessons with a little person, but haven't used it yet.
11.  Bones star David Boreanaz promises a bit with Booth's socks in the season premiere.   
12.  Bones producer Stephen Nathan warns not to ever listen to @harthanson. Wise counsel.
13.  Now on the Bones set — but not the interesting lab set. That may come later on. David Boreanaz wears a tweed cap very well.
14.  Per exec. prod Shane Brennan, Pauley Perrette's character Abby will help the NCIS-LA team solve a crime in the 2nd episode crossover.
15.  NCIS regular Pauley Perrette does a crossover and appears in the 2nd ep. of spinoff NCIS-LA, per exec. prod Shane Brennan.
16.  On the NCIS-LA set in LA, which kind of makes sense. Very Spanish style, very pretty. fake bougainvillea. Rocky Carroll is boss here too.
17.  FYI, Alex O'Loughlin will be playing some rugby in Three Rivers, as he has done in life. It is a gentlemen's game played by ruffians.
18.  At the 3 Rivers set, Alfre Woodard admits to being "freaked out" hearing Alex O'Loughllin talk in his normal Aussie accent.
19.  Currently on the Three Rivers set in LA–no, it's not shooting primarily in Pittsburgh, but will do some filming there.
20. a child in Australia, Alex O'Loughlin loved the show "Monkey Magic" and can do a lively rendition of the theme.
21.  To explain further. a group of reporters had a lunch with Alex O'Loughlin of CBS' Three Rivers. He's charming & funny.
22. Just had lunch with Alex O'Loughlin…who sang the Monkey Magic theme. Very cute.
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