Today’s cuppa: office coffee

Up to my ears in transcription hell, so just a quick note to share some links and a little news.

Click here for my appearance on the TV Talk show on BlogTalkRadio last Thursday, in which I share all sorts of set-visit-y goodness and play ‘Splainer Girl for why there aren’t more cable shows online.

Thumbnail image for eguiders logo large.jpgClick here for a video celebrating YouTube choosing eGuiders as Curator of the Month. In it, a bunch of eGuiders say hey, and yep, I’m one of them (but in fairness, many of the rest are far more famous than little old me).

And click here for my latest eGuiders video pick, featuring my age-inappropriate secret boyfriend (so secret he doesn’t even know me) Steven Crowder ( @scrowder on Twitter) in a humorous mash-up of “CSI: Miami” and the oft-discussed War on Christmas.

I say, just let Yukon Cornelius loose on the Grinches. Considering how he handily took care of the BumbleThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Yukon_Cornelius_Rudolph.jpg Snowmonster, the War on Christmas should be over by the end of Hanukkah.

And finally, for those of you who clicked here and here and watched “Community” last Thursday, you know that “Breakfast Club” and “The Dead Zone” star Anthony Michael Hall (on the right below, with Joel McHale) guest-starred as a knuckleheaded bully with a fondness for winterdoodle cookies and a limited emotional range (and imaginatively named “Mike”).

I asked “Community” executive producer Dan Harmon ( @danharmon on Twitter — follow him, he’s a hoot) about Hall’s future on the show.

Thumbnail image for Community_Joel_McHale_Anthony_Michael_Hall.jpg“I didn’t murder him,” says Harmon. “Last thing I said to him, ‘Let’s make sure we find out this guy’s a great guy in the future. Love to have you back.’

“One of my goals with ‘Community’ is to never have villains. People get on the wrong sides of each other in different situations, but if you scratch the surface, you always find out that everyone’s a hero or a victim in their own story.

“Just because of the fact that he was great, we’d love to have him back. Also, he was something of a straw dog in the episode, just a bully. I’d love to bring him back and make him sympathetic.”

Back to hell, see y’all later.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare