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Kate'shotcuppasmall By happenstance, when I went on Shaun Daily's TV Talk show on yesterday for my regular Thursday appearance, it was just a few hours after the death of Farrah Fawcett and scant minutes before the confirmation of the death of Michael Jackson.

I come in at roughly the half-hour mark. Prior to me, Shaun pays tribute to Farrah; we talk about her then move on to the breaking Jackson news, which I was following on TV before and while talking to Shaun. I was a Jackson fan as a kid, so it was a strange confluence of events for me.

Click here for the podcast version of the broadcast.

A lot of people are having a lot to say about Jackson especially, since his demise was so sudden, his fame and infamy so widespread and with the existence of ongoing questions about his physical and mental state and cause of death.

On the way to work today, I listened to Dennis Prager's radio show, and he had a searching, thoughtful conversation (a Prager specialty) with counselor and TLC TV personality ("Shalom in the Home") Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Access to Prager's podcasts (for a price) can be found here, but the main topic of conversation was Boteach's friendship with Jackson, his ultimately unsuccessful attempts to help the pop star put his life back on track and a piece Boteach wrote for the Jerusalem Post. Click here for that.

Click here for a more sharp-edged take on Jackson's life and death from wicked smart and wickedly witty columnist Mark Steyn.

Lastly, just when disturbing videos and Internet reports of the violent struggle for freedom in Iran — including the horrifying shooting of a lovely young woman — and the deaths of celebrities you've known since childhood, may throw a dark pall over the world, glory still shines through the clouds.

Click here for blogger The Anchoress' embedded link to a beautiful video from "America's Got Talent" of a performance by three wonderful children who sang their comatose mother back to consciousness.

I link to the blog instead of the video directly because I like what The Anchoress has to say on the topics of toxic fame and God-given talent (and she did introduce me to Mystic Monk coffee, for which I will always be grateful).

For more with "AGT" judge Piers Morgan, including a link to a story where he talks about these very children, click here for an earlier post.

UPDATE: Lisa Marie Presley has posted an open letter about her relationship with Jackson. Very interesting, revealing and provocative.

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