Today's cuppa: Barry's Irish breakfast tea, double-bagged in the big mug

HOTCUPPATVLOGO I have seen the season finale of NBC's "Friday Night Lights," which airs tonight — pipe down, you DirecTV people, let those of us with cable have our day! — and did another-brick-in-the-wall tweets about it on Twitter.

For those of you who don't know what that is — and, until I thought up the term, oh, 15 seconds ago, that was also me — it's when each tweet adds a word or phrase with the goal of increasing suspense (without making people hunt up all the previous tweets).

Here's the final result:

KateOH Watching Friday

Night Lights season finale. Pancakes! Trouble. Saying good-bye. "You

are dead FridayNightLights wrong." Doors close, windows open. New world.

Don't know what Twitter is? Fear not. Click here and here.

So when I did my usual Thursday appearance on Shaun Daily's TV Talk show on, I once again preached the gospel of "Friday Night Lights." Yes, I did.

We also talked about some of the new shows that came on this week, such as ABC's "The Unusuals," NBC's "Southland" and CBS' "Harper's Island."

And unlike last week, I was properly caffeinated and, although I wasn't asked, knew what day it was.

More later, but for now, click here for your listening enjoyment. As a bonus, not much-fast fowarding required, I come in after only five minutes or so.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare