Tonight's cuppa: peppermint tea.

Kate'shotcuppasmall Did my regular Thursday appearance on Shaun Daily's TV Talk show on, and despite some thunder and lightning on Shaun's end in Las Vegas, got through without a hitch (Shaun did briefly get cut off from on the guest before me, but they reconnected in short order).

Click here for the broadcast — I come in at about the half-hour mark.

We talked about the latest Michael Jackson news and speculations, the sad death of "Pitchmen" star Billy Mays and what might happen to that show, and in the middle, hashed over the apocalyptic "Clean House: Messiest Home in the Country 3," which also repeats on Friday.

Click here for the interview I did about the episode with the show's designer, Mark Brunetz (justFlag in case you don't see the post, which is right before this one).

That's all for now. Have a safe and fun Fourth of July, celebrating our Independence Day! (oooh, may have to watch that movie at some point …)

Hang on, while I'm thinking about it, if you want to celebrate the Fourth in the spirit in which it was intended, this list may be the beginnings of a good movie/miniseries marathon:

"1776," in which you learn how little things change in the New York State Legislature over a couple of centuries or so (and that William Daniels can sing, more or less). BTW, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is airing this on Saturday night. Check local listings.

"John Adams," in which Paul Giamatti does one of our Founding Fathers proud.

"The Crossing," in which Michigan homeboy Jeff Daniels more than pulls off a portrait of Virginian George Washington.

"April Morning," in which Tommy Lee Jones plays an ordinary Massachusetts man whose life is changed forever by a shot heard round the world. What's that? Here's "Schoolhouse Rock" to explain.

"Liberty! The American Revolution," in which History Channel rocks the revolution in a documentary miniseries.

And, whatever happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence on that fateful July 4, 1776? Click here to find out.

Let freedom ring … happy Fireworks!

Posted by:Kate O'Hare