Today’s cuppa: Irish breakfast tea (fully caffed!)

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Kate'shotcuppasmall.gifClick here for my regular Thursday appearance on Shaun Dailyicon out Hot Cuppa Radio! Plus a Buncha Cool eGuiders Video Pix‘s TV Talk show on I come in at a bit after the half-hour mark.

We discuss my recent contribution to a piece on David Letterman’s sad situation at and talked about Alex O’Loughlin — FYI, if this week, a third person asks me if he’s as sexy in person as he is on TV, I’m going to be forced to mock you. The answer is “He looks the same in person, so if you like him on TV, you’ll like him in person.” Clean cup, move down …

I also discussed recent set visits, including the one I did yesterday to Style’s “Clean House Comes Clean,” which I promise will be a fun story! It sure was a fun set visit — but how could it not be, since I got to see designer Mark Brunetz and go-to-guy Matt Iseman wearing their Niecy Nash wigs?

Now, as promised, here are some of my recent eGuiders video picks…Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for eguiders logo large.jpg

Click here for a look at bats flying out of a cave that, uh, looks like something … else.

If Fox’s “Glee” hasn’t yet convinced you that looking cool is not a prerequisite to making awesomely cool music, click here for a kid who makes squeezbox magic.

I’m from the Adirondacks, and I will always hold that they are the most beautiful mountains on Earth, but click here for a video that may change my mind. … Nah, but watch anyway.

Just because you design shoes doesn’t mean you don’t have other talents. Click here for a little promo movie by none other than Mr. Red Soles himself, Christian Louboutin.

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