Today’s cuppa: office coffee

Thumbnail image for Kate'shotcuppasmall.gifClick here for my regular Thursday appearance on Shaun Dailyicon out Hot Cuppa Radio! 'Shark Tank' & More. Also, Letterman, Gosselin & Polanski‘s TV Talk show on I come in at a bit after the half-hour mark, after the caller who really, really loves FX’s biker drama “Sons of Anarchy.”

As for me, I really, really love American entrepreneurs, which should now be obvious to anyone.

And yes, there was lots in the news today, especially about the allegations of an extortion plot — by a producer for CBS’ true-crime show “48 Hours,” no less — against CBS late-night host David Letterman for sexual dalliances with staffers.

(Coincidentally, this comes one day after former CBS News anchor Dan Rather stopped by Fox News to talk to business anchor Neil Cavuto about the dismissal of his lawsuit against his former employer.)

I’m already gobsmacked by the bizarre and troubling Polanski affair and the screeching, smoking train wreck that is the Gosselin family, and this just convinces me that if you’re looking for moral exemplars, the entertainment industry should probably not be your first stop — or a stop at all.

While no one deserves to be blackmailed or threatened, Letterman’s actions here are unsavory at best and ironic for a comic who makes a good living pointing out the foibles of others (and he tried to use humor to inform his viewers of what had happened). If true, the allegations against the “48 Hours” producer are reprehensible and shocking.

In all three of these unfortunate situations, I’m hard-pressed to find a winner.

But I feel a bit better after reading this from Ed Bernero, a former military man and cop who’s the executive producer of CBS’ “Criminal Minds.” Thanks, Ed.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare