Here's a link to the MP3 file of my regular Thursday appearance on Shaun Daily's TV Talk show on BlogTalkRadio.com. For once, wasn't discussing the future of television in general, but rambled on about "Guiding Light," "Harper's Island" and NBC's 1980s-'90s soap opera "Santa Barbara" — about which I remember a frightening amount.

Also might have preached the gospel of "Friday Night Lights." Might have. Might do it again. Just might.

But I must confess, I said I used to watch "Santa Barbara" after school. To be perfectly honest, I mixed it up in my mind momentarily with "How to Survive a Marriage," a syndicated soap I did watch after school. I watched "Santa Barbara" before work, in my neophyte days on a swing shift. And no, it wasn't in a factory, it was data entry, so I'm not trying for a faux working-class-hero thing. I'll leave that to the real working-class heroes.

And, I thought tax day was next week. I didn't have nearly enough caffeine. That's a mistake I won't make again.

I come in at about the half-hour mark.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare