hotmail officially dead Hotmail officially dead and rolled into Microsoft Outlook

Today’s the day, Hotmail users: Your e-mail service is officially dead. Microsoft announced previously that Hotmail would be replaced with, and the change was made on May 3.

That means that every Hotmail account has been migrated to Outlook. Users won’t have to do much beyond get accustomed to a new interface, as e-mail names will remain the same.

However, there are two new features that have been added to existing Hotmail accounts. With the Outlook overhaul, users can use Simple Mail Transfer protocol, which is used to receive mail, and SkyDrive, Microsoft’s version of cloud storage.

“We want to give a huge ‘Thank you’ to all of you who have supported Hotmail over the years, for some of you, that’s going back as far as 1996,” group program manager Dick Craddock writes in a blog post. “It has been an amazing journey and we’ve been honored to provide you with a great mail experience for many years. When we launched the original preview of, we knew that we were committing to building the world’s best email with a brand and product experience that spans from consumers all the way to the largest organizations. We’re excited to have you join as we write the next chapter in modern email from Microsoft.”

Outlook now has more than 400 million active accounts thanks to the addition of Hotmail users. Still, it’s sad to see Hotmail turn into yet another relic of bygone Internet says. RIP, Hotmail.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz