lisa-edelstein-house-320.gifLisa Cuddy is a tough broad.

Tougher than you’ve probably realized in the five or six years you’ve known her.
She makes the difficult decisions and she doesn’t back down and she gets called a bitch a lot. It’s kind of bothersome.

But you are going to like her special episode.

Yes, if you are a fan of “House”, KTV is going to go out on a limb and guess that you’ll be pleased with Monday’s (Feb. 8) hour. It’s easily one of the finest hours of the season so far in our opinion.

We’ve watched Cuddy for a long time now, but the truth is, she’s never been truly fleshed out. Sure, we got to see her yearn for a kid, but after Monday, you’ll know what it means to be in her shoes: In charge of Princeton Plainsboro and responsible for a needy child … not to mention a needy boytoy and a bad-boy doctor too.
Yes, both the boy toy and the bad-boy doctor will feature prominently in Cuddy’s episode. House-Cuddy (aka “Huddy”) proponents may be pleased to hear that the cranky doc is in her face a lot this coming week. And he even teams up with the boy toy to play a trick on her.


Oh, the boy toy. You’re going to strangle me for saying so, but Lucas (Michael Weston) comes off as sexy and cute and a little annoying all at the same time in this ep. In fact, the hour opens with a super hot “Luddy” moment, driven by Lucas. And though it deflates quickly, it’s okay, because you’ll get a laugh out of it too. 

Still, House (Hugh Laurie) remains the gold standard, and the connection between him and Cuddy is apparent.

Not to say that Cuddy’s special episode is all about her love life. On the contrary, there is a very solid “story of the week” which holds up so well that one may think that FOX could make a case for a Cuddy spinoff once Laurie says peace out.

Can’t wait for you to see it.

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