amber tamblyn house 'House': Amber Tamblyn's 'exhaustingly smart' Masters 'gets to be House's savior'Amber Tamblyn is joining the Princeton-Plainsboro team on “House” for the next 13 episodes, starting Monday night (Nov. 8). She tells Zap2it about her “exhaustingly smart” character, working with Hugh Laurie and that she wasn’t really familiar with “House” before now.

“I had never seen it before,” laughs Tamblyn. “I knew of Hugh Laurie from ‘Black Adder,’ actually, and I knew that he was amazing on ‘House,’ but I never really saw it.”

“My immediate, stupid assumption was, ‘What? A medical show? I don’t want to do that!'” she continues. “Then I found out that literally every single friend of mine watches it and they said it’s not a medical show, it’s a very complex show about complex characters and their dark traits, their light traits, everything.”

We shared our enthusiasm for Hugh Laurie on “Black Adder” and asked Tamblyn if working with him lived up to her expectations.

“He’s incredible. He’s been so much fun to work with,” Tamblyn tells us. “I am in awe. I carried my own show for two years and was in every single scene and it’s insane for me to see him on the seventh season and be as cool as he is and kind and humble and still curious about the stories they are telling. It’s refreshing to see someone be so into what they are doing.”

When Tamblyn joins the show, her character is Martha Masters, a medical student whom Cuddy actually finds for House. And she’s not afraid to stick it to the all-male team.

“She’s incredibly smart. Annoyingly smart. Exhaustingly smart. It’s kind of a social handicap and of course House loves that — she’s 10 to 20 years younger than all of the other people on his team and she sort of puts it to them,” Tamblyn explains. “No one on the team is particularly attracted to her, they’re kind of annoyed by her. Her way of communication is very special. She’s kind of the little sister they all tease.”

But Masters isn’t completely new to the entire team.

“There is some backstory with Taub and Masters, which is pretty interesting,” Tamblyn teases.

Tamblyn is appearing on the show for 13 episodes, so we can expect to see her until at least March. She says her favorite episode so far is one in which Masters gets to save the day for House.

“She gets to be House’s savior. I love the moment when she finally figures it out and runs to him and he’s like, ‘You really are annoying,’ even though she saved the day,” says Tamblyn. “I like that idea of somebody, no matter how many times she gets fired and rehired, still has the answer and the will. Eventually we’re going to see that will broken down. It’ll be interesting to see what Martha’s triggers are.”

So can we hope to see Masters past her initial 13-episode run on the show?

“I’m still not sure about anything,” Tamblyn says. “I’m kind of enjoying where I’m at right now. I know that’s the vaguest answer. I’m leaning towards probably not, but we’ll see.”

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